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Foodie Christmas Gifts

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

What to give the delicious foodie in your life? These food and drink inspired gifts will make you hungry, tickle your tummy and make great Foodie Christmas Gifts for all of the food crazed people in your life!

Serve Up the Foodie Christmas Gifts

Record Placements

Spin this classic retro vinyl record on your table. These Record Placements will rock your table during all your meals and celebrations and parties.

Foodie Christmas Gifts - Record Place mats

Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter

The Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter will be a sweet addition to your kitchen and a great gift for anyone who likes to bake! Roll out your cookie dough or pastry and rock the cutter over to make fine”fawn” baked goodies.

Foodie Christmas Gifts - Sweet Deer Cookies

Dinner DJ Dining Set

Do you have an aspiring DJ in Da House? The Dinner DJ Dining Set makes a perfect gift for the little DJ in your life.

Foodie Christmas Gifts - Dinner DJ Dining Set

Bloom Napkin Holders

Impress your guests with a blooming dinner table! The Bloom Napkin Holder turns your average table into a rose garden.

Foodie Christmas Gifts Bloom Napkin Holders

Tricerataco Taco Holder

TriceraTACO Dinosaur Taco Holders are just not for #TacoTuesdays… in fact everyday of the week this eating accessory will come to life for mealtime.
Foodie Christmas Gifts - Tricera TACO Taco Holder

Wine Condom

I bet you did not learn this in grade 8 sex education class(Ontario Government take note:)) Rubber-up your Rosé, protect your Pinot Grigio and sheath your Chardonnay with these magnificent bespoke Wine Condoms. Yes folks, there is such a thing as contraceptives for your wine bottle! Wine Condoms are the easiest, most fun wine stopper you’ll ever use. Simply open the package and roll it over the top of the bottle. Once applied, it will help preserve the wine, prevent spills and best of all it’s reusable! Now protect your unfinished wine and always remember safe drinking! Last but not least, they’re small enough to neatly pop into a pocket or wallet, so you can take them with you anywhere.


Foodie Christmas Gifts - Wine Condoms

Foodie Christmas Gifts - Wine Condom


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Let’s gear up for the Ho Ho Holidays!

It is safe to say, we can Make Spirits Bright, Deck The Halls and last but not least: Welcome Jolly Old Saint Nicholas to town!

The Toronto Santa Claus Parade is on Sunday November 18th in person at 12:30. The Original Santa Claus Parade has been an exciting must see jolly, festive event since 1913. There are floats, bands and happy clowns. There are also letter carriers collecting letters written to Santa. If you can’t adorn your red nose in person, you can always catch it on CTV at 4:30.

“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”

“You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
He’s making a list,
He’s checking it twice,
He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice
Santa Claus is coming to town…”
You too can get into the spirit of the season with our festive wares. We have ideas for the whole family: Young, the young at heart and the old(er) wiser folks too.

Santa Claus Approved Gifts

Ho Ho, the Emergency Santa Kit will instantly turn anyone into the jolly old man.

Emergency Santa Clause Kit at Danna Bananas


The Santa Mustache Pacifier will turn your little one into Santa Baby. It is BPA free.

Santa Claus Mustache Pacifier at Danna Bananas

Create the most famous reindeer scene of all with these Christmas photo booth accessories and some or your original misfits. The Christmas Photo Booth will make your Christmas party photos just a little more like a Santa Claus Parade.

Christmas Photo Booth

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Even though everyone is focusing on the American election and wondering who is going to win, the holiday season and shopping online for unique Christmas gift ideas is upon us.

Most of us have more than just our families to be Kris Kringle too. That list may include friends, colleagues, school- mates, educators and perhaps a secret Santa. You want your gift choices to be memorable on this joyous holiday but searching for unique Christmas gift ideas and cool gifts can be a tad frustrating as all the stores in the malls offer the same items. Let come to your rescue with a buffet of unique gifts for everyone. Another incentive; No parking lot headaches and long lines…Why wouldn’t you want to shop online?

Are you looking for unique Christmas gift ideas and decorations that are kitschy, look no further. We also have rounded up the best stocking stuffers you won’t see everywhere.

Additionally, we have a selection of unique Hanukkah gifts and decorations. Some are unusual and some are funny Chanukah gifts.

We thank you for reading and we hope to make your holiday festive and fun with unique gift ideas!

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas:

Inflatable Christmas Wreath

Deck the halls with this festive inflatable Christmas wreath! We love the holiday season, but we’re not crazy about pine needles all over the place. Here’s a cute holiday wreath sans pine needles.

Inflatable Wreath - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas Stocking for Very Expensive Things

The Christmas Stocking for Very Expensive Things is a tiny padded velvety stocking with fluffy trim and embroidered with ‘For very expensive little things’.

Christmas Stocking for Expensive Things - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Hanukkah Instant Ugly Sweater Kit

Make your very own Hanukkah Instant Ugly Sweater with the Hanukkah Patches kit just by adding your own sweater.
Hanukkah Instant Ugly Sweater Kit - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


Funny Christmas Gifts

Monday, December 16th, 2013