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November is Movember

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

The Month Formerly Know as November – Movember

Start your engines…No, your stubble and get growing!

It is that time to bring awareness to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s health issues.

In reality,  this matter should be discussed every month but with November here, we mean Movember, it’s given a special honor throughout this particular month.

During Movember, mustaches (moustaches, stache, mouth brow, flavour savour, soup strainer, lip foliage etc.) are grown. Some do it with enthusiasm and some with disdain but at the end of the month it is for a good cause.

Participants collect donations from family, friends or work-mates for their growing efforts so this disease can be obliterated.

Thank you for sacrificing your upper lip to help abolish prostate cancer and men’s health issues. Clean shaven to stubble, to a full grown stache after thirty days, equals a celebration of the mo and your contribution of funds and awareness!

We have a great new product to honour Movember and your mustachey, hairy accomplishment that you will be nuts about!:)

Bicyclists rejoice…Introducing Bike Balls!

Bike Ball Bicycle Lights - Movember

Not only are they functional but they are a totally hilarious bike light!

These bike light balls are designed to look and dangle like the human scrotum. They will light up your commute and make it much safer by alerting drivers to your presence. Just give them a gentle squeeze to turn them on and a gentle squeeze like that to signal different light modes.

The Month Formerly Know as November

Monday, November 12th, 2012

We are now well on our way into the month formerly known as November. That’s right, I said formerly known as. November changed to Movember 5 years ago for me when a few guys from our office decided to raise money for prostate cancer research. We quickly found out that it was not just about the money but more about raising people’s awareness of men’s health.

Every year on November 1st, our team shaves off our facial hair and we grow out our moustaches. Those of us who get creative and sport a funky moustache get high praise from the rest of the team. We have many supporters that aren’t able to grow their own Mo so they pick up some Costume Moustaches from Danna Bananas. At the end of the month before we shave off our staches, we celebrate our manly endeavors by having a big party! If you are looking to have your very own Movember themed party then Danna Bananas is the place to find your Novelty Mustache Party Favours. If you are interested in donating to this great cause or would like to learn more than please check out my Movember web page.