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Space Cookie Cutters

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Imagine creating a galaxy that is not far away but in your very own kitchen?

Are you looking for an adventurous, out of this world cookie baking idea for your kids to bake from scratch in the kitchen or a birthday party idea?

This will entice all the cookie connoisseurs in your household.

Let us introduce you to the Space Cookie Cutters.

Space Cookie Cutters

Bake your own 3D Space Ships. Choose from cookie cutters that come in the shape of a rocket, a shuttle, a star fighter and a space buggy. Cut out the cookie dough, bake them in the oven and then slot the cookies together to make edible space ships.

As for a kind of cookie to bake, let us suggest chocolate chip cookies.

Out of interest, are you curious to know who invented the chocolate chip cookie?

After a little research, a woman by the name of Ruth Wakefield not Ruth Bader Ginsburg but another Ruth invented them.

“Along with her husband Kenneth, she bought a tourist lodge named the Toll House Inn, where she prepared the recipes for meals that were served to guests.

In 1930, Wakefield was mixing a batch of cookies for her roadside inn guests when she discovered that she was out of baker’s chocolate. She substituted broken pieces of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate, expecting it to melt and absorb into the dough to create chocolate cookies. That didn’t happen, but the surprising result helped to make Ruth Wakefield one of the 20th century’s most famous women inventors. When she removed the pan from the oven, Wakefield realized that she had accidentally invented “chocolate chip cookies.”

At the time, she called her creations “Toll House Crunch Cookies.” They became extremely popular locally, and the recipe was soon published in a Boston newspaper. As the popularity of the Toll House Crunch Cookie increased, the sales of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate bars also spiked. Andrew Nestle and Ruth Wakefield decided to come up with an agreement. Nestle would print the Toll House Cookie recipe on its package, and Wakefield would be given a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolate. Due to this unexpected discovery by a famous woman inventor, the chocolate chip cookie became the most popular variety of cookie in America, a distinction it still holds to this day.”

Reading all this is probably made you crave for one so let’s initiate the launch!

Now lift off to Nom Nom cookie heaven in T-minus…5,4,3,2, 1!


space cookie cutters - Danna Bananas

Space Cookies 2 - Danna Bananas



Birthday Gifts for Aries – Gift Accordingly

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Birthday Gifts for Aries - Gift Accordingly

The sign of Aries runs from March 21 to April 20 and is the very first sign in the zodiac cycle. The beginning of Aries coincides with the day after spring solstice. These two have some similiarities. As new life is excitedly ready to bloom, people born under the Zodiac Sign, Aries are excited to initiate and make things happen as well. As spring is the first season after the dead of winter and leads the way with new life, Aries’ folks are as well. They like to venture out into the world and be the go-getter. They are enthusiastic, impulsive, adventurous and ambitious. Some famous Aries are  Keira KnightleyRobert Downey Jr., Reese Witherspoon, Quentin TarantinoEwan McGregor, Paul Rudd, Lady Gaga, Jackie Chan, Mariah Carey and Emma Watson.

Do you know an Aries who is celebrating a birthday soon but have no idea what to buy them? Since they like to have fun, and have exciting new times, how about some suggestions that encompass these qualities? Here are some Birthday Gifts for Aries – Gift Accordingly!

Gifts for Aries

Aries love to stay active and with the spring weather and longer days here, frankly we all should! Why not help quench their thirst after a brisk walk or a run with the Stainless Steel Water Bottle. One percent of sales support global clean water initiatives. The Aries would be excited about this news.

Saving the Planet Water Bottle

Aries like to learn new things. If they have been longing to paint. This petit watercolour kit carries everything to do so. The ‘on the go’ “Vincent van Gogh” Miniature Watercolour Set Tin makes this kit very portable and you’ll want to leave your mark everywhere you travel!

Miniature Watercolour Set Tin

Aries definitely  like to have fun. How about a board game but a musical one at that? The Dicecapades Rock Star game is perfect for the inner crooner in us all. As they love to be in first place, keep your eyes on them at all times ensuring they don’t cheat!

Dicecapades Rock Stars

The kitchen is a great place for Aries. They love to cook, so let them get baked and rock out in the kitchen with the Guitar Baking Spatula while making some special brownies.

Guitar Baking Spatula


Happy Birthday to the all the Aries out there!